Coming from the Web 2.0 background, our team has experience in the deployment of many gamification and other projects in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space but with Triverse, we wish to achieve a community-driven Web 3.0 project whereby individuals with the same aligned interests can vote on how certain facets of the project will develop in future thereby creating a long lasting, sustainable ecosystem. When the community and our alliance of project collaborations grow, we plan to finally develop an NFT Marketplace that is for the people built by the people.

Rome was not built in a day and this journey will only be made possible with the involvement of people such as you who has taken an interest, participated and contributed to the project as a whole. Hold tight and get ready to be part of something that can potentially disrupt how Web 3.0 projects can be done within the NFT space.

Gamification as a whole

Gaming Industry Size

billion in 2020 projected at a CAGR of 13.2% to reach USD 545.98 billion by 2028

(Source: Fortune Business Insights)

Blockchain Gaming Industry Size

Blockchain Gaming Industry Size (Including token and NFT driven projects) - USD3 billion in 2021 projected to rise to USD 39.7 billion by 2025


NFT generation capabilities

to play and play to earn models, the blockchain gaming industry attracted over 1.5 million diverse gamers across the globe.


Triverse Eco-system

Token Name:TrV

Total Fixed Supply:1 Billion tokens

Launch Price:TBA

Burn Rate:50% of all TrV collected by Triverse Game

(Till Max Amount of 30% is burned from total supply)

Tokenomics - Highlights

Metaverse - Locked Wallet containing TrV tokens meant for distribution when the Web 3.0 Triverse Metaverse version of the game is launched

Staking - Rewards of TrV tokens given to NFT holders when they staked their NFT with the platform

Bounty Hunt -Rewards of TrV tokens given to Triverse community for feedback that contributes to the overall game development

Technology - Locked Wallet containing TrV tokens meant as reserve fund for continual tech developments

Art - Locked Wallet containing TrV tokens meant as reserve fund for continual creative art developments


• Only 45% of token supply will be available before the Web 3.0 version of the Triverse Metaverse game is launch; ie low supply

• Burnt mechanism in place as deflationary measure to boost token value by reducing permanent supply of tokens

• Vast Utility - PreGame and PostGame phrases where many specific utilities of the TrV tokens will be in place due to the Ecosystem design; thereby ensuring high demand

• Low supply + Deflationary Measure + High Demand = Natural Appreciation of TrV token value