A Timeline that spawns alternate realities, enabling new battlegrounds on a infinite horizon which makes up the TriVerse.

Who wins, who loses, which realm triumph depends on you.

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Imagine the timeline as a path with different possibilities generating alternate realities, such is the background of the TriVerse.

The TriVerse

In the TriVerse, three possible alternate realities form three different realms converged and connected by the Nexus Gateway, where beings from each realm can travel to the other three realms.

Never stable and always fighting to be the only realm, each realm has a Sentience represented by the collective beings in their respective realms. It is said that one day, when one of these Sentience grow strong enough, they will merge the weaker realms into one unified plane of existence.

Who wins, who loses, which realm triumph depends on you.


TriVerse is a community-driven game that enables players to become owners/investors. This is a beautifully designed Game World and Characters with a long road map that the community will get to decide on its evolution. All player's characters, weapons, cosmetic and functional in-game items, resources and achievements in TriVerse are represented by non-fungible tokens, known as NFTs. Because of the blockchain, players will always own their characters and items without exception.


Strongly focused with Players in mind and community generated content, TriVerse is built around the philosophy of, "casual to start, fun to play, hard to master" and will feature challenging end-game PVE, PvP, a living economy, and much more!


TriVerse has a deep story to be told. Players will face tough challenges, meet vastly different races and characters, all with their stories to be discovered, and make new friends when you venture forth discovering new worlds.


Progression in TriVerse is based on advancing your characters and their skills. Each class type has its own associated skill and so do other RPG elements like crafting, and researching blueprints that will give new skills to players.


Creator Genesis Beings

The Creator Genesis Beings are the Genesis NFT characters that exist within the TriVerse realms and represent the “Foot Soldiers” of each realm’s respective Sentience struggle for supremacy. Players with the Creator Beings will be whitelisted to get the Creator Genesis Gifts to gather support from the other Creator Beings and form a Clan not only to conquer the other Clans within the same realm but also to lead the war against the other Realms. In the Prophecy, when Creator Beings mate, there is a possibility the offspring will “evolve” and develop special attributes allowing them to become “Masters” of their respective classes.

Creator Gifts

The Creator Gifts will be the Second set of NFTs and they are Emblems created by the Creator – the Omnipotent existence, for a selected group of beings that exist in the TriVerse. Each Emblem NFT allows their respective holding player to empower their respective Being to be capable of infinite evolution gathering power for the sentience of each realm.

We believe that the TriVerse will be one of the most exciting and adventurous experiences inside the Metaverse. TriVerse builds on innovative P2E economics while leveraging both the spirit of crypto culture and mainstream gaming. The art blends a world of futuristic sci-fi, the mysterious possibilities of magic and the unlimited potential of evolution, it is internet-native and inspiring, a game that everyone can fall in love with. We believe that Metaverse gaming will unlock a new economic frontier where users can reap the rewards of their time and creativity.

Realm of Technology

In this realm, humans have pushed Science and Technology to unbelievable heights, giving them vast control over their own physical self and surroundings, with power to rival the gods.

The hunger for knowledge and the systematic process of the study of the physical world through observation and experiment give birth to the principle of Science and hence the Realm of Technology.

Pure Breeds

Believe in that no matter what, humans must stay untainted and thereby using Science and Technology to enhance their own genetic blueprint without the use of any robotic enhancements or cybernetic implants.


When a Clan of humans decided that the human body was too vulnerable and fragile, they attempted to combine the human body with cybernetic implants to enhance their personal performance. Within the course of time, no one can tell whether how much of their original biological body remains and what is another artificial enhancement.


Dr Van Borg was a world renowned scientist and his main principal of research was in Artificial Intelligence. Where the human brain is capable of creation and comprehending new knowledge but the computer is only capable of working with inputed data to create anything thru the support of a software or program. This line of distinction was crossed when Dr Van Borg in his aged and dying body managed to transfer his entire consciousness into his Artificial Intelligence named as “MIM”. Mass generation of robots each with a “sub” Artificial Intelligence capable of independent thought.

Realm of Magic

Magic exists only when there is a believe that there is a force beyond mental comprehension, a supernatural power over the forces of nature. In one of the archaeological discoveries, a group of archaeologists uncovered an ancient artifact roughly translated as “The Pandora Box” and opened it. Many screamed and died in all possible imaginable ways, but the surviving three became the “Original” that serve as a conduit for the incredible supernatural force that transformed the rest of the world into these three separate Clans. This event became known as the Chronicle of Awakening.

The Order of the Paladin

Bearing the original outlook of humans but with access to magic and the ability to use their magic to influence their oneself, surrounding environment and others, this Clan became known as “The Order of the Paladin”. They fiercely believed that the Chronicle of Awakening was an Act of God and they are the chosen ones by God to do his work in the world.

The Dwarves

Bearing a strong affinity to mold substances of nature into magnificent objects of great craftsmanship and imbuing each with a magical power, the Dwarves were a hardy, stubborn and strong clan driven to push the boundaries of craftsmanship.

The Elves

“To be one with nature and nature to be one”; each Elf would utter this phrase in every possible opportunity in their daily conversations with anyone. The Elves are nature loving folk who possess the magical abilities to meld into forests, control over plants and communing with other creatures of nature to do their bidding.

Realm of Tao

All forms of existence possess the ability to develop a sentience and potentially pursuing the Path of the Tao to attain immortality.


Humans that follow the teachings of Tao to pursue the path to immortality, they believe that death is merely the beginning and guiding them in the afterlife for reincarnation will prevent malicious spirits from ruining the balance between the world of the living and the dead.


Animals who evolve a sentience often take the form of a human but could still bear some physical traits of their original animal form.


When the above followers of the Path of Tao are led astray, they become beings of evil who corrupt the teachings of Tao to use their supernatural powers to harm others in order to obtain greater power.


Phase 1
Phase 1

• 3,897 play to earn characters profile launched

• Verification for certify realm walker established, whale role and 1/1 role given

• $Triverse token (in game utility currency) launches, token accruing in background, no staking needed

• Triverse marketplace setup

• Alpha/giveaway channel for 1/1, whale launched

• Free mint of 388 banner NFT for 1/1 and whale holder

Phase 2
Phase 2

• Alpha version of game demo

• Triverse IP anime launched

• Merch ready for mailing to Triverse NFT holders

• V2 emblem NFT launched

Phase 3
Phase 3 - Coming up

• Burning of characters NFT/ V2 emblem for upgrading of characters class

• Triverse land sales

• In game items available for purchase and selling in Triverse marketplace

Phase 4
Phase 3 - Coming up

• Beta version of game launched, rewards and competition for game

• Web 3 portal available, full game playable, more in game item and $Triverse token rewards Implement

• Triverse land to be usable in web3 portal Land customized, land rented implementation



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  • BD Member in Crypto1 (SPAC listed in Nasdaq)


  • Serial entrepreneur with experience in a variety of businesses and a firm believer in Web 3.0

Wilson Core Team (Communications and Art)

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  • Consultant for a number of blockchain start-ups

Paul Core Team (Community Management)

  • Avid NFT enthusiast Built many other successful NFT projects. (Shinsekai, Floppy, Nubbies, DAPE )